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Digitalization, processes, people

The knowledge about the actual processes of the company is the alpha and omega of the control possibility!

Can’t it be done faster, can’t it be done cheaper, is the quality right, is customer orientation given, is everyone doing the same thing and everyone doing the right thing? Are the tools available, is the IT support sufficient? Can my employees and my organization cope with the current situation?

What does digitization and my organization have to do with it?

In modern teaching, digitization focuses on three aspects that correspond with each other: operational processes, customer orientation and business models.

The balance is important – processes must be digitized with suitable applications and IT, employees and managers must be empowered, customer orientation must be planned and lived, and business models must be developed.

Let’s keep it simple: Digital solutions for organizational workflows and suitable automation of processes are essential for corporate success – today and tomorrow. Systematic digitization leads to significant improvements in results and is almost without alternative.

Through digital optimization, potentials along the entire value chain are raised and data is determined. Data determined in this way creates a reliable picture of overall operational productivity and thus the knowledge about changes and for further process optimization or adjustments to the business model!

Handlungsfelder Digitalisierung

Our approach

Together with you we answer these questions by

– make a thorough inventory as part of a preliminary study (gladly also at a fixed price),

– draft a concept with a mission statement, solution sketches and a concrete action program (these can concern technical, but also organizational changes and other aspects) and

– implement this with your employees and you, transporting knowledge and competence into your company.

– Results are measured and evaluated to enable control and cement success.

Implementation examples with high potential

Have you already discovered deficits and need for action and a clear view of the necessary implementations? We are also happy to provide support and deliver holistic solutions!

– Introduction of tour operator systems
– Development and implementation of websites – for presentation and sales, service support, customer self-service, etc.
– Optimize service provider accounting for tour operators
– Optimized use of your tour operator system (WBS Blank, ISO Travel Solutions and other providers)
– Simplify and accelerate the creation and management of product images and text for catalog and web content.
– Optimization of printing and mailing service providers for catalogs, self-mailers and other customer correspondence
– Strengthen customer orientation – create customer journey and train employees
– Product focus on customer groups
– Creation of a process map to improve the overview and identify potential for improvement
– Focus purchasing and sales on revenue through training, attitude change and controlling
– Improve internal organization & culture through networking, empowerment and attitude change.
– Optimization and development of controlling for improved management and alignment
– Training and coaching of employees and managers
– Alignment of sales and purchasing with market data and empirical values
– Automation of recurring processes with RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
– Establish professional crisis management
– Carry out data protection in a practical and legally compliant manner

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