Sales & Customer - two sides of the same coin!

For your service and your product, we create orientation in the tourism markets and ensure transparency about contents and possibilities. We analyze the current sales channels, check your range of services and customer requirements and adjust your portfolio and services together with you.

In doing so, we help to market your product and service by finding new distribution partners and new distribution channels as well as optimizing the previous activities. A large number of well-known tourism service providers already cooperate with us. In a market environment where you can no longer rely on just one partner or one channel, we offer you optimal and flexible distribution opportunities. With us, you can increase your market share and raise your profile. To achieve this, we plan together with you.

Vertrieb & Kunde
Customer glasses on!

For us, customer relationship management is not limited to the introduction of a CRM system, but is the consistent orientation of your company towards its customers and the systematic design of customer relationship processes.

– Analytical approach
– Creation of persona and customer journey
– Viewing the inside-out and the outside-in perspective
– Develop understanding of current and future needs and emotions of customers
– Develop vision & select appropriate systems/process support.
– Plan and implement

We have the experience and expertise – let us find your solution together!