Purchasing - rethought!

A fundamental building block in every company is procurement or tourism purchasing. Here, decisive mistakes can and are made, which cannot be compensated for by aggressive pricing, expensive marketing or high regular customer potential.

We offer you various options to successfully establish yourself in the market and achieve the desired returns:

Consulting – Practice-oriented analysis and resulting recommendations for action

Training – Demand-oriented training of the workforce with regard to future purchasing processes

Mediation – Analysis & evaluation of existing suppliers/products and identification of alternatives.

Outsourcing – Partial or complete takeover of the purchasing process

We quickly create measurable successes and work with you to develop direct, operationally implementable solutions. We have an extensive network of agencies and hotels worldwide and cooperate with numerous sales partners in Germany.

We are successively expanding and supplementing this network of distribution partners. This is because each tour operator also serves as a sales platform for the incoming agencies, hotels and airlines with which we cooperate.  Hereby we create a “perpetuum mobile” of tourism, from which you can profit directly.

Consulting purchasing

For some time now, tourism purchasing has no longer taken place only in the classic, direct way. In the future, the purchase of tourism services will become even more diverse and flexible. In this process of change, it can be a decisive advantage to have experienced companions at your side. This is where we differ from the majority of consulting firms, because our advantages clearly lie in our practical experience!

In particular, we are characterized by a distinct expert knowledge around the topic of tourism purchasing. We have experienced all the tourism crises of the last 25 years and helped to shape the subsequent changes. The excellent market and industry knowledge of our team forms the basis for a forward-looking purchasing strategy and enables sustainable entrepreneurial success. We are convinced that purchasing services only make sense if they are precisely tailored to the customer’s needs.

In this regard, the following questions, among others, usually arise:

  • Do your products still meet market needs?
  • Can your pricing picture be improved without sacrificing yield?
  • Is your market position stable enough to withstand future turbulence?
  • Does your product portfolio still fit your current corporate strategy?
  • Have you selected the right top performers to meet this strategy?
  • Does your procurement process meet your profitability requirements?
  • Does your company have the necessary IT infrastructure to meet the processes?
  • Are your employees adequately trained to achieve the goals they need?
  • Can you identify changes and necessary adjustments quickly enough?

How do we proceed?

Together with you we answer these questions by

  • to prepare a comprehensive market analysis,
  • Benchmark your products to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your purchasing and existing portfolio and evaluate opportunities in the current market environment,
  • to work out and demonstrate alternative ways of procurement,
  • To develop proposals for further cost reduction in the purchasing process,
  • train your employees, if necessary, to provide them with the necessary purchasing skills, and
  • to jointly develop new products for your company.
Ablauf Einkaufsoptimierung

Our services are available in various forms:

  • for tour operator
  • Travel agencies & cooperations as well as for
  • DMC

We not only advise our clients, but also ensure networking with suitable partners and act as an intermediary for travel services (hotel contracts, package tours, round trips, cruises, flash sales) right through to handling your purchasing process.

Tour operator & travel agency cooperations

 The requirements of our customers are both a benchmark and a driving force for us to always provide our services with a perfect fit.

We connect you with suppliers across all value chains. Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy flights through a tour operator instead of directly from the airline. Getting the best hotel rates does not necessarily mean asking for them directly at the hotel. We use the purchasing activities of the entire tourism market as well as our network to achieve advantages for you.

  • Through the strategic use of purchasing alliances, you achieve a reduction in your purchasing costs and sustainably increase profitability – without having to worry about the individual processes during purchasing
  • We have groundbreaking strategies for every market phase, which can make a valuable contribution to your entrepreneurial success
  • Individual customer needs are only satisfied through optimal purchasing. Whether classic tour operator, dynamic tour operator or direct sales. We offer customized solutions for every business segment

You would like to provide your customers with special products? Through our global network, we always have access to selected and innovative products and give you the opportunity to offer your customers something very special. In addition, we support intermediaries who want to act as event organizers themselves in targeted purchasing for their own events.

Together with us, go beyond the limits of previous “me-too products” and benefit from our portfolio of selected travel experiences – uncomplicated, powerful and without risk.

We have the experience and expertise – let us find your solution together!